kaktus.id ( Kaktus Indonesia ) is a legal company based in Lembang, West Java, Indonesia, under the registered company Felis Indonesia Mamprang, CV, with a business license number of 1295000102423. We began this business in 2017 and have since grown to become a globally trusted seller of succulents.

Discover Unique and Exotic Succulents at kaktus.id

Welcome to kaktus.id, your number one online destination for purchasing rare, exotic, and utterly unique succulents. As fellow succulent enthusiasts, we understand the excitement of discovering that perfect new addition to your collection. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide succulent lovers worldwide with access to the most extraordinary variety of succulents you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.

At kaktus.id, we’ve carefully curated our catalog to offer the most diverse and exclusive succulents sourced directly from specialty growers across Indonesia and beyond. From living gemstones and crested succulents to rare hybrids and variegated varieties, our succulents are sure to impress even the most discerning collector. We strive to continually expand and update our offerings so you’ll always discover new and unusual succulents every time you visit our shop.

Wide Selection of Rare Succulents from Agaves, Sansevierias, Echeverias, Mammilarias, Monadeniums, Euphorbias to Huernias

At kaktus.id, we pride ourselves on carrying one of the largest selections of rare, exotic, and hard-to-find succulents anywhere online. Unlike other succulent stores that focus on common varieties, our ever-expanding catalog is filled with unusual succulents that collectors dream about finding.

Browse our store and you’ll discover a treasure trove of peculiar plants, including crested succulents with wild, mutated growth; variegated cultivars displaying vivid colorcombinations; monstrose forms covered in dense rosettes; and numerous new hybrids you won’t see at your local garden center. We continuously add newly introduced and newly propagated rarities that succulent aficionados have their eyes on.

With thousands of succulents representing hundreds of different species, our collection offers varieties to delight beginners and experts alike. We take pride in hunting down gorgeous, collectible succulents from around the world and making them available at reasonable prices. Let us help you find that special, unique succulent to start or expand your collection.

Collectible Succulents That Make Great Additions to Any Plant Collection

Kaktus.id offers a wide variety of collectible succulents that are difficult to find elsewhere. Their inventory includes many rare, exotic, and unique succulents that make exciting additions to any plant enthusiast’s collection.

For collectors looking for special succulents they can’t find at typical garden centers, kaktus.id offers a huge selection of the rarest finds. Their one-of-a-kind inventory is always changing, so keep checking back for new treasures.

Affordable Pricing for All Plant Lovers

Kaktus.id offers incredibly affordable pricing on all of our succulents, making these rare beauties accessible to plant lovers and collectors on any budget.

Prices start at just US$ 1 per succulent. Whether you’re looking to add an exciting new plant to your collection or make a thoughtful gift for a fellow plant parent, you’ll find beautiful options at kaktus.id for less than the cost of a cup of coffee.

Even our more rare and exotic succulents are available at reasonable prices compared to specialty nurseries. We strive to make these amazing plants attainable for the average gardening enthusiast.

So if the price tag has scared you away from expanding your succulent collection in the past, look no further. Kaktus.id brings you a vast selection of these delightful plants starting at only $1 each. Now every plant lover can enjoy adding new varieties to their home or garden without breaking the bank.

Wholesale Pricing

At kaktus.id, we offer special discounted pricing for bulk and wholesale orders. Buying in larger quantities allows us to pass on significant savings to our wholesale customers.

Our wholesale program is ideal for:

– Plant shops looking to stock rare succulents
– Succulent collectors who want to expand their collection
– Interior designers sourcing plants for projects
– Event planners decorating with succulents
– Garden centers adding unique plants to their inventory

We have flexible order minimums starting at just Rp. 2,500,000 / USD 166  or minimum order for orders within Indonesia is Rp 100,000 / USD 6. The more you buy, the deeper the discounts. For the best possible pricing, contact us directly for a custom wholesale quote.

When buying wholesale, you’ll enjoy discounted rates up to 35% off retail prices. This means incredible savings on our already affordable plants. It’s a great way to get premium rare succulents at bargain prices.

We also offer wholesale customers perks like:

– Volume-based loyalty rewards and bonuses
– Special seasonal sales and promotions
– Mix-and-match flexibility on bulk orders

Our team is ready to provide dedicated support to make the ordering process quick and easy for our wholesale partners. We can also help you curate the perfect selections for your retail space or upcoming projects.

Ships from Indonesia

kaktus.id ships all orders directly from Indonesia. This ensures the freshest and healthiest plants for our customers around the world.

As an Indonesia-based succulent shop, we have direct access to exotic varieties that are native to this region. We work closely with local growers and suppliers to curate our catalog of rare finds.

Most orders reach their destinations within 1-2 weeks of shipping. We carefully package each plant to protect it during travel. The plants are inspected before shipment to guarantee they are healthy, pest-free, and ready for transport.

Customers in the US, Canada, UK, Europe, Australia, and many other countries receive reliable delivery thanks to our trusted international shipping partners. Tracking numbers are provided to monitor progress.

Please check this page to see our shipment proof.

Shipping directly from Indonesia allows us to offer hard-to-find succulents at reasonable costs. We pass the savings on to you. The plants make an exciting journey from our nursery all the way to your home.

Updated Product Images

One of the most important things when shopping online for plants is making sure the product photos accurately reflect what you’ll receive. At kaktus.id, we make an effort to regularly update all of our product images so customers can feel confident they are getting an accurate depiction of each succulent’s current size, shape and appearance.

Our product catalog is continually expanding and evolving, so even repeat customers may notice new varieties appearing. By frequently refreshing our images, we ensure each succulent shown is currently available and pictured in its present condition. Whether you’re searching for that perfect rare Echeveria or an eye-catching arrangement, our photos allow you to select the exact plants you want.

Knowing the images precisely mirror our current inventory gives customers peace of mind when purchasing. You can buy from kaktus.id with the certainty that the succulents pictured are the succulents you’ll get delivered to your door. Our commitment to showing the latest representations means you can shop online with kaktus.id as you would in person at a nursery or greenhouse.

Automated Order Processing

Kaktus.id features a fully automated order processing system to make your shopping experience quick and easy. Once you’ve browsed our catalog and added succulents to your cart, our system will instantly calculate your total order value, applicable taxes, and shipping costs.

No need to worry about double checking order calculations – our automated system ensures your order total is accurately calculated every time. Taxes and shipping costs are determined automatically based on your location. As you add or remove items from your cart, the order total is recalculated immediately.

At checkout, you can select your preferred shipping method and delivery speed. Our automated system will present real-time shipping rates with no surprises or hidden fees. The entire checkout process is streamlined, with order confirmation and payment processing handled instantly.

We pride ourselves on taking the hassle out of ordering succulents online. Our intelligent automated order system removes the guesswork and manual effort from the purchasing process. Shop with confidence knowing our technology will flawlessly handle order fulfillment from start to finish.

Exceptional Customer Service

At kaktus.id, our top priority is providing exceptional customer service and support. We know buying succulents online can feel risky without being able to see the plants in person, which is why we have a responsive support team available to assist you.

Our customer service team is available every day of the week to answer any questions you have before, during, or after your purchase. Whether you need help picking out the perfect plant, have questions about care instructions, or need support with your order, we’re here to help. We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

We also offer full customer satisfaction guarantees. If you are ever unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, we will work with you to make it right. Your happiness is our top concern.

Buying rare succulents online can feel daunting, but our exceptional customer service aims to make the process easy, enjoyable, and risk-free. We’re plant lovers too, so we understand your needs and will treat you how we would want to be treated – with friendliness, patience, and care. Contact us anytime for support choosing plants or caring for your new succulent friends.

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