0.5 (Box 1) 450.000 550.000 650.000 750.000 1.000.000
1.0 (Box 2) 550.000 750.000 1.000.000 1.250.000 1.500.000
2.0 (Box 3) 750.000 1.000.000 1.200.000 1.500.000 2.500.000
5.0 (Box 4) 1.000.000 1.200.000 2.200.000 2.500.000 5.000.000
10.0 (Box 5) 1.200.000 2.200.000 3.500.000 4.000.000 6.000.000
15.0 (Box 6) 2.000.000 3.000.000 4.300.000 5.000.000 7.200.000
20.0 (Box 7) 2.600.000 3.800.000 4.900.000 6.000.000 8.200.000
25.0 (Box 8) 3.200.000 4.400.000 5.500.000 6.800.000 9.200.000
Additional rate per kg for Box 8
Above 25kg and up to 30kg 120.000 120.000 120.000 160.000 160.000
Big Box Rates
Rest of AP
Big Box 1 (30.1-50.0 Kg) 8.000.000 9.500.000 11.000.000 12.500.000 15.000.000
Big Box 2 (50.1-75.0 Kg) 9.500.000 11.000.000 12.500.000 14.000.000 17.000.000
Big Box 3 (75.1-100.0 Kg) 10.500.000 12.000.000 13.500.000 15.000.000 19.000.000
● Customs duties, taxes (outside of VAT) and clearance-related charges are not included in the tariffs. Shipment insurance is also available. For more information, please contact our Customer Service.
● All Rates stated here are in IDR currency. Prices are charged pro rata by 0.5 kgs up to 30kg, and charged on a per kg basis thereafter. The Rates are subject to a General Price Increase (GPI) effective January 1st of each year.
● Any individual piece or shipment above 1000kg or having odd dimensions (Length > 300cms or Width > 120cms or Height > 160cms) requires pre-approval of DHL and may be charged at alternate rates. Please contact your DHL account manager.
● Fuel Surcharges is included in above rates.
Date of query: 01-Oct-2019
Countries & Territories Zone Countries & Territories Zone Countries & Territories Zone Countries & Territories Zone
Afghanistan ROW Dominica ROW Lesotho ROW Sao Tome and Principe ROW
Albania Europe Dominican Republic ROW Liberia ROW Saudi Arabia ROW
Algeria ROW East Timor ASEAN Libya ROW Senegal ROW
American Samoa ROW Ecuador ROW Lithuania Europe Serbia, Republic of Europe
Andorra Europe Egypt ROW Liechtenstein Europe Seychelles Europe
Angola ROW El Salvador ROW Luxembourg Europe Sierra Leone ROW
Anguilla ROW Eritrea ROW Macau Rest of AP Singapore ASEAN
Antigua ROW Estonia Europe Macedonia, Republic of Europe Slovakia Europe
Argentina ROW Ethiopia ROW Madagascar ROW Slovenia Europe
Armenia Europe Falkland Islands ROW Malawi ROW Solomon Islands Rest of AP
Aruba ROW Faroe Islands Europe Malaysia ASEAN Somalia ROW
Australia Rest of AP Fiji Rest of AP Maldives Rest of AP Somaliland, Rep of (North Somalia) ROW
Austria Europe Finland Europe Mali ROW South Africa ROW
Azerbaijan Europe France Europe Malta Europe South Sudan ROW
Bahamas ROW French Guyana ROW Marshall Islands ROW Spain Europe
Bahrain ROW Gabon ROW Martinique ROW Sri Lanka Rest of AP
Bangladesh Rest of AP Gambia ROW Mauritania ROW St Helena ROW
Barbados ROW Georgia Europe Mauritius ROW St. Barthelemy ROW
Belarus Europe Germany Europe Mayotte ROW St. Eustatius ROW
Belgium Europe Ghana ROW Mexico US/CA/MX St. Kitts ROW
Belize ROW Gibraltar Europe Monaco Europe St. Lucia ROW
Benin ROW Greece Europe Micronesia, Federated States Of Rest of AP St. Maarten ROW
Bermuda ROW Greenland Europe Moldova, Republic Of Europe St. Vincent ROW
Bhutan Rest of AP Grenada ROW Mongolia Rest of AP Sudan ROW
Bolivia ROW Guadeloupe ROW Montenegro, Republic of Europe Suriname ROW
Bonaire ROW Guam ROW Montserrat ROW Swaziland ROW
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe Guatemala ROW Morocco ROW Sweden Europe
Botswana ROW Guernsey Europe Mozambique ROW Switzerland Europe
Brazil ROW Guinea Republic ROW Myanmar Rest of AP Syria ROW
Brunei ASEAN Guinea-Bissau ROW Namibia ROW Tahiti Rest of AP
Bulgaria Europe Guinea-Equatorial ROW Nauru, Republic Of Rest of AP Taiwan Rest of AP
Burkina Faso ROW Guyana (British) ROW Nepal Rest of AP Tajikistan ROW
Burundi ROW Haiti ROW Netherlands, The Europe Tanzania ROW
Cambodia ASEAN Honduras ROW Nevis ROW Thailand ASEAN
Cameroon ROW Hong Kong Rest of AP New Caledonia Rest of AP Togo ROW
Canada US/CA/MX Hungary Europe New Zealand Rest of AP Tonga Rest of AP
Canary Islands, The ROW Iceland Europe Nicaragua ROW Trinidad and Tobago ROW
Cape Verde ROW India Rest of AP Niger ROW Tunisia ROW
Cayman Islands ROW Indonesia Nigeria ROW Turkey Europe
Central African Republic ROW Iran (Islamic Republic of) ROW Niue Rest of AP Vatican Europe
Chad ROW Iraq ROW Norway Europe Turks and Caicos Islands ROW
Chile ROW Ireland, Republic Of Europe Oman ROW Tuvalu Rest of AP
China I Rest of AP Israel Europe Pakistan Rest of AP Uganda ROW
China II Rest of AP Italy Europe Palau ROW Ukraine Europe
Colombia ROW Jamaica ROW Panama ROW United Arab Emirates ROW
Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana’s Islands ROW Japan Rest of AP Papua New Guinea Rest of AP United Kingdom Europe
Comoros ROW Jersey Europe Paraguay ROW United States Of America US/CA/MX
Congo ROW Jordan ROW Peru ROW Uruguay ROW
Congo, The Democratic Republic of ROW Kazakhstan ROW Philippines, The ASEAN Uzbekistan ROW
Cook Islands Rest of AP Kenya ROW Poland Europe Vanuatu Rest of AP
Costa Rica ROW Kiribati Rest of AP Portugal Europe Venezuela ROW
Cote d’Ivoire ROW KOREA, REPUBLIC OF (SOUTH K.) Rest of AP Puerto Rico ROW Vietnam ASEAN
Croatia Europe KOREA, THE D.P.R OF (NORTH K.) Rest of AP Qatar ROW Virgin Islands (British) ROW
Cuba ROW Kosovo Europe Reunion, Island Of ROW Virgin Islands (US) ROW
Curacao ROW Kuwait ROW Romania Europe Yemen, Republic of ROW
Cyprus Europe Kyrgyzstan ROW Russian Federation, The Europe Zambia ROW
Czech Republic, The Europe Lao People’s Democratic Republic ASEAN Rwanda ROW Zimbabwe ROW
Denmark Europe Latvia Europe Samoa Rest of AP
Djibouti ROW Lebanon Europe San Marino Europe
Country Service Area
China (CN) *1 Guangzhou (CAN), Dongguan (DGM), Fuzhou (FOC), South China Area (HAK), Chaoshan & Huizhou (SWA), Shenzhen (SZX), Fujian Province (XMN), Zhujiang Delta Area (ZUH)
China (CN) *2 Rest of China (CN)
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